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SunHeater Solar Heating Systems from Smart Pool.
Solar Heating Systems
from Smart Pool

2' x 20' solar panel for your Above Ground Pool

Enjoy FREE Heat From The Sun!

Heat your pool for free with the SunHeater.
80,000 - 100,000 BTU's
of heat a day.

A hot water heater for your pool

  • Raises water temperature 10° - 15°
  • No electrical connections
  • No pollution
  • 5 Year Warranty

    4' x 20' Solar Panel

    The only system
    that can also mount
    on your fence.

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    SunHeater is the only solar system that can mount on a fence.     Smart Pool's SunHeater - Your Solor Solution.

    System Sizing Guide
    Aboveground Pools
    Pool Shape
    and Size
    Number of 4' x 20'
    15' Round 1
    18' Round 1
    21' Round 1
    24' Round 1
    27' Round 2
    12' x 24' Oval 1
    15' x 30' Oval 1
    16' x 25' Oval 1
    16' x 32' Oval 2
    18' x 34' Oval 2
    Inground Pools
    Pool Size Up To Number of
    Solar Collectors
    12' x 24' (12,900 gallons) 2
    16' x 32' (20,400 gallons) 4
    20' x 40' (30,000 gallons) 6

    Live in a year round swimming area?
    Add one additional collector.

    Add a
    Solar Blanket
    to hold in heat!

    Pool Size
    Number of
    Solar Collectors
    12' x 18' 1
    12' x 24' 2
    16' x 24' 3
    16' x 32' 4
    18' x 36' 5
    20' x 40' 6

    Polypropylene Pick-A-Panel Program
    (say that fast 3 times)
    Kits are sold with accessories necessary for installation including:
    check valve, diverter valve, vacuum relief valve, stainless steel clamps,
    brackets and strapping. (1 " or 2" piping must be purchased locally)

    Solar Heater Questions and Answers.

    Is it like a solar blanket?

    No, unlike solar blankets that must be taken off and put back on every time you want to swim, SunHeater does not lay on top of the water. You just relax while the sun heats the water as it moves through the solar collector. And, because you will get many years of hassle free heat from your SunHeater Solar Pool Heater, it is less expensive than buying a new solar blanket every few years.

    Is it like a gas or electric heater?

    It's similar because your pump circulates pool water through it in order to heat it. But, SunHeater is safer than fossil fuel heaters because there are no gas tanks or electric lines. Plus, SunHeater is much less expensive to buy and costs nothing to operate since the sun's energy is free!

    How well does solar energy work?

    Solar energy is just another fuel with which to heat your pool. Your SunHeater Solar Heater is designed to produce about 80,000 BTU/day during your swimming season.

    How big is it and where can I put it?

    Each SunHeater is 4 feet wide by 20 feet long. It has an attractive symmetrical appearance and requires only a screw driver to install. You may install it in any area that has direct sunlight. It can lay flat or at an angle. Put it on the ground or on a roof. You can even build a rack near your pool, fence or house. It is the only system you can mount on a fence. There's always a place for SunHeater!

    What is the warranty?

    Each SunHeater Solar Above Ground Pool Heating Collector is warranted for 5 years, and the SunHeater Solar Inground Pool Heating Collector is warranted for 10 years to be free from defects in materials and workmanship by one of the largest privately owned solar collector manufacturers in the U.S.A. - Aquatherm Industries, Inc.

    View a diagram of a typical Inground installation.

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